Michelin Nordic Guide 2016

Michelin has as of today (i.e. February 24, 2016) released its second guide dedicated to the Nordic region exclusively. The guide is this year named Michelin Nordic Guide 2016.

The big news is that the Nordic region (i.e. Sweden, Norway and Denmark in the Michelin Guide context; a more correct geographical name would be Scandinavia), for the first time ever, is awarded with three stars restaurants. Both restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen with head chef Rasmus Kofoed (the only chef that has won both gold, silver and bronze in Bocuse d’Or) and restaurant Maaemo in Oslo were awarded with the highest accolade (of three Guide Michelin stars).

Some people may be surprised that neither the highly regarded Noma (Copenhagen), nor the very good restaurant Frantzén (Stockholm) were the first to achieve those three stars (personally I think Frantzén should have three stars). Both those restaurants keep their 2-stars rating.

Another news in this year’s guide, is that restaurants do not need to be located in metropolitan areas (to be rated in the guide), and therefore restaurant Fäviken Magasinet (with head chef Magnus Nilsson) in the middle of nowhere (in Sweden…) were awarded for the first time (with two stars). Fäviken is probably the most internationally famous restaurant in Sweden and it was hardly a surprise that it got two stars directly. Another good restaurant awarded for the first time was Daniel Berlin (also located off the main urban areas).



  • Fäviken Magasinet                      (Järpen Åre)    (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen     (Stockholm)
  • Frantzén                                        (Stockholm)
  • Oaxen                                             (Stockholm)


  • Hotel Borgholm                           (Borgholm)       (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • PM & Vänner                               (Växjö)               (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Daniel Berlin                                (Tranås)             (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Upper House Dining                  (Gothenburg)   (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Sushi sho                                       (Stockholm)      (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Esperanto                                      (Stockholm)
  • Volt                                                 (Stockholm)
  • Gastrologik                                   (Stockholm)
  • Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren    (Stockholm)
  • Operakällaren                              (Stockholm)
  • Ekstedt                                          (Stockholm)
  • Bhoga                                            (Gothenburg)
  • Thörnströms Kök                        (Gothenburg)
  • 28+                                                 (Gothenburg)
  • Sjömagasinet                                (Gothenburg)
  • Koka                                               (Gothenburg)
  • SK Mat & Människor                  (Gothenburg)
  • Ambiance à Vindåkra                 (Malmö)
  • Bloom in the Park                        (Malmö)
  • Vollmers                                        (Malmö)



  • Geranium                                      (Copenhagen)   (3 stars in the 2016 Guide)


  • a|o|c                                               (Copenhagen)
  • Noma                                             (Copenhagen)

1-star (only those with a stared gained is listed):

  • Frederiksminde                           (Præstø)           (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Henne Kirkeby Kro                    (Henne)             (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Kadeau                                          (Copenhagen)  (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Kong Hans Kaelder                    (Copenhagen)  (New in the 2016 Guide)



  • Maaemo                                     (Oslo)               (3 stars in the 2016 Guide)


  • RE-NAA                                     (Stavanger)     (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Kontrast                                     (Oslo)               (New in the 2016 Guide)
  • Statholdergaarden                   (Oslo)
  • Fauna                                          (Oslo)


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