Silvio Nickol – Wien (**)

Food: Modern
Address: Palais Coburg, Coburgbastei 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Guide Michelin: 2 stars
Visited: May 26, 2018

Two Michelin stars restaurant Silvio Nickol is located in the 5-stars luxury hotel Palais Coburg, a fabulous place with a rich history.


Silvio Nickol is chef de cuisine of the gourmet restaurant bearing his own name. In 2014, GaultMillau elected him as “Austria’s chef of the year”. “Cultivate your curiosity”, is Silvio’s personal motto. The restaurant serves modern, creative dishes of high-quality products, but foremost, very tasty food.

We had the pleasure to visit parts of the wine cellar(s) and I strongly recommend doing that, if you have the opportunity. The wine cellar of Palais Coburg consists of six different cellars (France-, New World-, Old World-, Champagne-, Rare Wines- and the Yquem cellar), located on several different floors and holds some 60,000 bottles.

Apart from the impressive collection of rare wines, the medieval architecture and the cellars atmosphere is nothing less than uttermost world class. In addition to the magnificent wine cellars, Palais Coburg also houses a wine vault, a Haram and a Dom Pérignon lounge. Did I mention the Wine Bar?

This is what we had:

In summary: We were all very pleased with our dinner at Silvio Nickol. Everything, from the ambience and setting, service, wine and obviously the food, was top notch. Our visit to their world class wine cellar was something out of the ordinary. We all appreciated the food much better here than on Austria’s “best restaurant” Steirereck, were we had dinner the previous evening. I have before this trip been to some 2-stars restaurants in Salzburg (Ikarus and SENNS) that I thought were very good, but I can hands down say that Silvio Nickol is the best restaurant in Austria regarding my taste buds. Strongly recommended!


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