My Top 10 Dinners 2014

2014 was a very good year for me on the topic of eating well. My ten most memorable dinners for 2014 were (in no particular order):

  • Ryugin (Kaiseki in Tokyo):

    Ocean's Delicacy Sashimi

    Ryugin: Ocean’s Delicacy Sashimi

  • Ibai (World class fish- and seafood in San Sebastian):

Ibai: Sole

  • Elkano (World class fish- and seafood in Getaria/Spain):
Turbot on the grill

Elkano: Turbot on the grill

  • Azurmendi (Innovative Basque cuisine in Larrabetzu/Spain):

Azurmeni: Charcoal-grilled Foie Gras ashes

  • El Portal (Avant-garde reinterpretations of traditional food from La Rioja in La Rioja):
Vine shoots

El Portal: Vine shoots

  • Hoze (Scandinavian sushi in Gothenburg/Sweden):



Alameda: Chuleta

La Pergola

La Pergola

Home cooking

Home cooking

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1 Response to My Top 10 Dinners 2014

  1. Jacksny says:

    I read your Sushi Mizutani – Tokyo post, it’s interesting, this post is also interesting too. I really liked that you included Mizutani lunch post. It’s one of my favorite Sushi restaurant in Japan.

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