Asador Alameda – Fuenmayor (La Rioja)

Food: steaks/chuleta (and more…)
Address: Plaza Felix Azpilicueta 1, 26360 Fuenmayor – La Rioja, Spain
Phone Number: +34 941 45 00 44
What I paid: 167 € (two starters, chuleta, dessert for two persons including water, cava and red wine)
Visited: June 3, 2014

Spain has a pronounced steak culture, commonly involving meat from older animals cooked slowly over wood fire. A chuleta (or “chuletón de buey”) in Spanish is a thick cut T-bone steak. Those steaks are often meant for two in the steak house restaurants (asadors).

We were recommended the Alameda restaurant by Marcos Eguren (the world renowned winemaker) in connection to a visit to the Eguren Family Vineyards. Apart from a wonderful lunch with excellent wines at the Eguren bodega in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, this tip resulted in yet another good meal this day (with more wines from Eguren…).

Alameda is one of the oldest restaurants in the area surrounding Logroño (the “capital” of La Rioja).

Restaurant Alameda are not just serving steaks but do also have good fish (from the Cantabrian Sea) and vegetables from the Ribera del Ebro county, added to its traditional cuisine of La Rioja. However, our choice for the main this dinner was their famous “Alameda Chuleta” (T-bone steak) that is from mature cattle (over 10 years old) of the white Galicia breed. The steaks are prepared over a Spanish-oak carbon grill that this asador is famous for.

Still, we started this dinner with two different starters together with some cava. First out was a lovely white asparagus (which it was season for now):


White asparagus

Next starter was clams and artichokes:


Clams and artichokes

The steaks are, of course, cooked to order at Alameda, in front of the diners, behind a glass window in the grill (asador) section of the restaurant. We were carefully watched when we had our starters, so the steak was ready in time for the main event this evening…



This was one of my the best steaks ever! Of course we had a wine from Eguren accompanying the steak, namely a 2010 San Vincente which was a perfect match!

For dessert (pretty satisfied now…) we had a lemon foam and a mango carpaccio.

Lemon foam

Lemon foam

Ice cream

Mango carpaccio

Summary: marvelous steaks of highest possible quality, so if you are in Rioja, Alameda is definitely well worth a visit!

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