Victor´s Gourmet Restaurant Schloss Berg (***)

Food: French classic (when visited also with a touch of Japan)
Address: Schloßstraße 27-29, 66706 Perl-Nennig, Germany (Google Maps)
Open: Wednesday to Sunday
Phone Number:
+49 (0) 6866 79118
Guide Michelin: 3 stars
Gault & Millau: 19/20 (link)
What I paid: €691 (two persons; see details below)
Visited: April 22, 2012

Perl-Nennig, in the middle of the Mosel wine yards in the south west of Germany on the boarder to Luxemburg houses the Guide Michelin 3-star Victor´s Gourmet Restaurant Schloss Berg.

Apart from the restaurant there is also a five star Hotel and a Casino in the establishment.

Victor’s use “carte blanche” as a concept were you in advance of the dinner (i.e. in the booking procedure) tell the restaurant if you have any allergies etc. Then we you arrive in the restaurant you basically chose your desired size of the dinner but do not have a menu to chose dishes from. We went for the “Voyage Culinaire” which is their biggest alternative (“7 dishes”) but we also opted for two additional surprise dishes. We were then asked if we really were that hungry by first the waitress taking the order, and then also later by chef Bau´s wife though this was something that usually only customers that have been here several times before used to go for. We then told them that we were happy with the “standard” menu, but then after some minutes, the kitchen staff had observed us and we were told that they thought it should go well…

In retrospective we should have gone with the “standard” alternative but that said, every dish but one were absolutely excellent. I don’t think I have ever been this satisfied with every new dish showing up in a Restaurant before. Victor´s is definitely one of the best Restaurants I have visited.

The bill ended up 691€ for two persons with this “extra all” menu together with wine pairing by the glass.

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7 Responses to Victor´s Gourmet Restaurant Schloss Berg (***)

  1. kuechenreise says:

    Great write-up! We made the same experience – a) food is really excellent, and b) it’s quite a challenge to convince Ms Bau to get the two additional surprise dishes… but it was worth doing so!

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