Amador Restaurant (***) – now in Vienna

Food: Modern/creative with Spanish influences
Address: Floßwörthstraße 38, 68199  Mannheim, Germany (Google Maps)
Guide Michelin: 3 stars
Gault & Millau: 18/20 (link)
What I paid: €734 (two persons; see details below)
Visited: April 19, 2012

Note: Amador closed in May 2015 (in Germany) and is now located in Vienna (Austria) were it gained three Guide Michelin stars in the 2019 guide as the first restaurant ever in Austria.

Amador is a little bit special for a 3-star Guide Michelin Restaurant though it is located in an industrial area (in Mannheim Germany). Well inside the Restaurant, you will be greeted by a modern minimalist design in white and red. The restaurant also includes a nice cigar lounge and a terrace.

The cuisine is modern but I do not agree with a lot of other bloggers and restaurant reviewers that Amador is the German version of The Fat Duck and that it is molecular gastronomy focused (this may have been the case in the past but it is not the case for now). That said, it is still very modern with influences from foremost Spain (but also Japan in some of the dishes we had).

The menu started with amuses named “Tapas & Snacks” consisting of five different parts. All very tasty.

This was followed by the main courses called “Snapshot in Time” were we had six different dishes. When we ordered the tasting menu we had the option of choosing between wagyu beef and pigeon or both. We opted for the later but both I and the person joining me for the dinner agreed that we could have been without the wagyou dish (called “Big in Japan” in the menu) which actually wasn’t that tasty. That said, we were very pleased with most of the others dishes served maybe with the exception of the “Brick in the Wall” consisting of spiced milk, salted caramel, yogurt and Beetroot.

The menu ended with “My memories” consisting of six small desserts. Mostly very good.

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2 Responses to Amador Restaurant (***) – now in Vienna

  1. kuechenreise says:

    Great post, very good pictures! Yes, the Amador style has changed over time; from quite molecular gastronomy focused some years ago to a modern cuisin with a lot of Spanish influnnces…

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