Noma (**)

Cuisine: Modern Nordic/Scandinavian
Chef: Rene Redzepi
Address: Strandgade 93, 1401 København K, Denmark (Google Maps)
Phone Number:
 +45 3296 3297
Opening Hours: Lunch: Tuesday – Saturday, 12-16. Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 19:00-00:30
Guide Michelin: 2 stars
What I paid:
 6700 SEK (two persons, Tasting Menu + wine)
Visited: January 24, 2012

For three consecutive years now, Noma has topped the worlds 50 best Restaurant list. Even so, it still “only” has 2 Guide Michelin stars, which have been debated a lot. Of course this is to a large extent a subjective matter, especially the “50 list” (from my point of view).  I (as an amateur that is) have eaten on Restaurants not even present on the 50 list that I have appreciated much more than Noma but, as mentioned, it is subjective and of course finally a matter of personal preferences and taste (but also hypes and trends). That said, I think Noma is a very good and interesting Restaurant that I highly recommend to visit (if you get a table…).

We went for the Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing.

The menu started with 12 amuses in a fast pace;

  • Malt flatbread and juniper
  • Moss and cep
  • Crispy pork skin and black current
  • Blue mussel and celery
  • Leek and ramson
  • Cookies and cheese, rocket and stems
  • Rye, chicken skin and peas
  • Potato and chicken liver
  • Pickled and smoked quails egg
  • Radish, soil and grass
  • Herb toast and smoked cod roe
  • Æbleskiver and muikku

The rest of the menu existed of the following dishes;

  • Squid and unripe sloe berry
    White currant and pine
  • Razor clams and parsley
    Horse radish and buttermilk
  • Limfjords oyster and sea weed
    Gooseberry and buttermilk
  • Chestnut and löjrom
    Walnuts and rye
  • Cauliflower and pine
  • Pike perch and cabbages
    Verbena and dill
  • Pickled vegetables and bone marrow
    Browned butter and parsley
  • Wild duck and beets
    Beech and malt
  • Gammal Dansk
  • Carrot and sea buckthorn

Of all dishes I think that the Chestnut and löjrom with Walnuts and rye was the most interesting one for me. The Limfjords oyster and sea weed with Gooseberry and buttermilk was also very appealing.

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