La Terraza – Casino de Madrid (**)

Food: creative
Address: Alcalá 15, 28014 Madrid
Phone Number: +34 915 32 12 75
Guide Michelin: 2 stars
What I paid: 413€ (For two persons including water, wine, coffee and drinks)
Visited: July 26, 2011

The palatial 19C building of Casino de Madrid is home to one of the most prestigious terraces in Madrid. This rooftop terrace houses the 2-stars Guide Michelin restaurant La Terraza (but the restaurant also have an indoor area) just off Puerto del Sol.

In 1836, a group of young romantics and liberals decided to search out a quiet place to meet up away from the hectic world of politics. This was the first step to towards the building of the Casino de Madrid. The Casino is a gentlemen´s club (no gambling) and is one of Madrid’s oldest, most exclusive clubs and it is for members only. However the restaurant is open to visit for all (if you have a reservation…) and on your way to the restaurant (i.e. through the entrance to the elevator to the rooftop) you will have glance of the magnificent and luxurious interior of the club.

Restaurant La Terraza still has (to my knowledge) cooperation with Ferran Adria and was previously, by some, nicknamed “El Bulli of Madrid”. But even if La Terraza in its early years were quiet influenced by El Bulli and Ferran, chef Paco Roncero has now built a reputation of his own.

Since I was there in July all people attending the dinner were sitting on the outside rooftop terrace and I have to say that this is one of the most, if not the most unique and pleasant restaurant environment I have been to.

We opted for the tasting menu:

Cocktail – Gin Fizz (prepared with Liquid Nitrogen at the table)


  • Olive oil butter
  • Almond sponge
  • Popcorn nutty cake
  • Crunchy lilac potato
  • Parmesan hank
  • Black olive crocant
  • Summer truffle dentelle
  • Liquid ham croquette


  • Watermelon sashimi
  • Yoghurt risotto with citric aromas
  • Razor shell with lemon, coconut and ginger
  • Red cabbage with ham pearls
  • Broad beans with artichokes, clam and green sauce
  • Lobster gazpacho with a basil perfume
  • Tuna belly with lettuce marrow
  • Wagyu beef cooked at 63C
  • Aniseed carrots


  • Apricot, almond and moscovado
  • Chocolate coulant – nitro with hazelnut soil


  • Violet and yoghurt meringue
  • Blackberry and lemon gummie
  • Black chocolate and passion fruit coin
  • Milk and chocolate tablet with mint

For most of the dishes we were drinking the Manuel Raventos Vintage 2001 cava.

I really recommend everyone visiting Madrid to have dinner at La Terraza on the terrace rooftop. More or less the only flaw during the evening was that I ordered the drink “Side Car” after the dinner and they did not know how to do this properly (it was way to strong) but to their credit they were open with that they did not know this drink and they also asked if we were happy with it afterwards.

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