Restaurant vRÅ


At Restaurant vRÅ, the Scandinavian commodity from the sea world meets the Japanese flavors in a very compelling way.

The name vRÅ is  a play on the Swedish word “rå” which means raw (a lot of the food is served raw here) and its location, which is in a corner/nook (“vrå” in Swedish) of the larger premises of the Clarion Post Hotel in Gothenburg.

Restaurant vRÅ is a relatively new restaurant in Gothenburg and I consider it one of the most, if not the most, interesting one in this city on the west coast of Sweden (well known for its fish- and seafood).

The restaurant has chosen to work with fish- and seafood from the North Atlantic and Swedish lakes with a high emphasis to season so the dishes changes in accordance to what is best for the time being.

The Head Chef Frida Ronge participated 2009 in the Seven Sushi Samurai world championship in London and placed second earning a silver medal. After a couple of years in Stockholm where Frida Ronge was involved in Råkultur, which changed the concept of sushi in Stockholm, she returned to her hometown Gothenburg.

You can choose from three different tasting menus consisting of four, six or ten dishes. All menus have complementing beverage packages.

Before the food we were served some tea.


We went for the six-course menu consisting of:

Sashimi from the North Atlantic


“Rare” Norway Lobster, miso and mustard


Rhymed smoked tartar of char fish in warm soya with chips of char fish


Miso soap with pike-perch, chanterelles and dried bonito



Sushi Moriawase
Maki, gunkan maki, nigiri


Broiled beef from Dalsjöfors with truffle and ponzu


To summarize: a very good and interesting restaurant which I definitely will return to for the ten course menu.

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