Steirereck – Wien (**)

Food: Modern Austria
Address: Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Wien, Austria
Guide Michelin: 2 stars
Visited: May 25, 2018

Restaurant Steirereck is frequently addressed as the best restaurant in Austria. Apart from its two Guide Michelin stars, it has been on the world’s 50-best list, usually among the top ten, more than most others.

The restaurant is housed in a monolithic glass cube in Vienna’s Stadtpark. The external architecture may be very modern, but the interior is a familiar fine dining establishment.


The restaurant serves a modern cuisine with flavors and tastes of Austria, using top-notch ingredients.

All dishes in the tasting menu were presented on small cards, placed on your table. The cards are a useful way to understand and at the same time remember all the dishes served.

This is what we had:



In summary: We had high expectations of “Austria’s best restaurant”. Sure, the food was good, but I have personally eaten on several restaurants in Austria that I have enjoyed more, including the dinner we had the following evening at Silvio Nickol.  A big plus for the bread trolley though, which was one of the best I have experienced.


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