Adam/Albin (Stockholm)

Food: contemporary Swedish
Address: Rådmansgatan 16, 114 25 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone Number: +46 (0)8 411 55 35
Guide Michelin: No stars
What I paid:  90 € (menu per person) + 190 € (good quality wine)
Visited: October 16, 2017

Adam/Albin is one of the most (if not the most) popular restaurants in Stockholm. In its current form, it is a relatively new restaurant. The restaurant describes itself as “far from the traditional fine dining restaurant”. That is maybe true, if you compare it with one of the former 3-stars restaurant in Paris, but many of the current Guide Michelin starred restaurant I have frequented (that many consider to be “fine dining”) have a similar relaxed atmosphere.

Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman (after which the restaurant is named) are two talented and stimulating chefs that both have worked for Mathias Dahlgren (that at that time had a 2-stars restaurant and that also is the only Swedish chef to have won Bocuse d’Or).

Adam/Albin is located in the Östermalm area in the central parts of Stockholm.


The interior of the restaurant is pretty simple but still stylish and companionable with an open kitchen and a bar that is always available for drop in guests. At the bar you order your courses one at a time.


For the tables (where a reservation is needed), the dining experience is based on five servings. The meal starts with a selection of snacks, chosen by the chefs, which is what the restaurant calls serving number one. You then choose your own courses for servings two to five. Adam/Albin always have a few additional courses, which you can add to your menu. It can be a signature dish or a dish based on an unique product that the restaurant just have temporarily.


Apart from the menu, we also ordered one extra dish (wagyu beef from cattles raised in Sweden) to share between us.

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We had the following two wines:

  • 2015 Francois et Antoine Jobard Meursault-Genevrieres, Meursault Premier Cru
  • 2015 Weingut Franz Hirtzberger Singerriedel Riesling Smaragd, Wachau, Austria

I really enjoyed the Hirtzberger Singerriedel Riesling, but think the Meursault was way to young (even if it was from the same vintage as the Riesling).


To summarize: I enjoyed most food served this dinner at Adam/Albin. However, since we opted for quite some good wine, this dinner ended up being as costly as most of the 3-stars restaurants I have visited in Spain and Italy. Even though this is a little bit as comparing apples and oranges, it is still the same bank account that the money is withdrawn from… That being said, Adam/Albin is a good restaurant, well worth a visit.

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