Cal Pep – Barcelona

Food: tapas with focus on fish- and seafood
Address: Plaça de les olles 8, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
Phone Number: +34 93 310 79 61
What I paid: 170 € (10 servings shared by 3 person, with only water)
Visited: September 29, 2017

Cal Pep is a legendary fish- and seafood restaurant and one of the most popular tapas places in Barcelona. There can be queues out onto the square and if you desire one of the five tables in the small room, adjacent to the bar, you will most certainly need to wait some time. It’s crowded, intense and loud, but at the same time a nice atmosphere.


Even though Cal Pep supposedly have a menu, you are recommended to go with what the the staff suggests in regards to what fresh produce is available for the day.

Room with five tables

We were five persons and were due to this allowed to pass the que. Once inside the small room, two of us, did not want to spend their lunch in this small room without windows on a sunny day… However, since we were permitted to pass people in front of us, this was not, naturally, appreciated. Half in jokes and half seriously, we were told that we had to eat for five persons…

Padron peppers

Gillardeau oysters

Tuna tartar



Razor clams

Roasted octopus



Summary: I consider Cal Pep more of a restaurant, than a tapas bar. We got a notch too much food, for a lunch; 10 servings and we actually tried to end it, a little bit sooner, but without any success… I can, to a certain extent, agree with the criticism (that is quite common for Cal Pep) that it is a little bit expensive (at least for being considered a tapas place). That being said, I really appreciated my lunch here!

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2 Responses to Cal Pep – Barcelona

  1. chefkreso says:

    I’ve been to Barcelona a few times, but haven’t been to this restaurant, I’m sure it’s gonna find it’s place on my list to visit 😁

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