The Artist – Bucharest (Romania)

Food: modern cuisine with influences from Romania
Address: Calea Victoriei 147, Sector 1,  Bucharest, Romania
Phone Number: +40728318871
What I paid: 50 € (tasting menu, water, wine and coffee)
Visited: July 12, 2017

The Artist is by many considered the best restaurant in Bucharest and is also currently topping the list of Tripadvisor in regards to restaurants in the capital of Romania (a list I usually not care that much about…).

The Dutch Chef, Paul Oppenkamp, leading the kitchen, has a modern cooking approach that combines classical techniques with modern cuisine and Romanian cuisine influences.

The restaurant was relocated in January 2017 and is now in a wonderful villa on Calea Victorei 147.


The menu consists of 6 appetizers, 6 mains and 6 desserts. Plus Spoon Tasting, where you could sample each dish in each category. The menu change roughly every third months.

The current menu as of our visit

I was not sure if the Spoon Tasting would be enough, given its very good price, so I asked the waiter, who assured me it was fine. Consequently, I order the Spoon Tasting for all three sections of the menu.


An initial amusement

Amusement #2

Cracker for the second amusement


Appetizer section:

Spoon Tasting for the appetizers



Watermelon refresher


Spoon Tasting: mains

More from the main section


Chocolate bonus


Refresher – part #1 (before the LN2 was added)

Refresher – part #2


Spoon Tasting: desserts

Summary: Bucharest’s restaurants and bars have multiplied in the last two decades. Traditional Romanian food has mingled with more international cuisine, giving rise to creative menus at very affordable prices and the Artist is a very good example of this.

Having the menu I had (48 + 70 + 30 = 148 LEI) corresponds to roughly 30 Euro and that is an exceptionally good price for the food I had!

Highly recommended!

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