Sjömagasinet (*) – Sweden

Food: fish- and seafood
Address: Adolf Edelsvärds gata 5, 414 51 Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone Number:  +46 (0)31-775 59 20
Guide Michelin: 1 star
What I paid: 60 € (lunch menu, including a huge fish- and seafood buffet)
Visited: July 19, 2017

Guide Michelin starred, fish- and seafood restaurant Sjomagasinet (i.e. Sjömagasinet), is an institution on the Swedish food scene (especially on the West Coast). It was previously headed by the famous chef Leif Mannerström (the first one in Sweden to gain a star in Guide Michelin) but is, since some years back, lead by Ulf Wagner (who previously had another Guide Michelin restaurant in Gothenburg) and head chef Gustav Trädgårdh (Swedish chef of the year in 2010).

The restaurant is located in the Gothenburg harbor, in an old building that has its root from the East India Company and the restaurant building itself is from 1775 (when it was used a storage house).


It is especially pleasing, to sit on the outside terrace, just by the water, on a nice summer day.

View from our table on the outside terrace

We had our lunch lunch (a 60 €) on this terrace on a recent sunny day, and this is what we had:

Summer buffet:

Buffet serving #1

This buffet was an impressive array of foremost (but not entirely) fish- and seafood. You could easily opt for “only” this buffet, for lunch, and be very pleased.

Buffet serving #2

Butter fried hake with aioli, carrots, broccoli, green asparagus, pimientos de padron and deep fried almond potatoes:

Butter fried hake with aioli

Almond cake with a rhubarb and raspberry compote raspberry ice cream and fresh raspberries:

Almond cake with a rhubarb and raspberry

Summary: This is my first visit since Ulf Wagner took over the restaurant, but it has kept its focus as a temple of fish- and seafood.

On a day like my visit (i.e. a warm, sunny summer day) its really nice to be able to sit outside, on the terrace just by the water, in the Gothenburg harbor. I find it hard to find a much better setting for a lunch on a day like this!

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