Tim Raue (**) – Berlin

Food: Modern with Asian influences
Address: Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26, 10969 Berlin, Germany
Phone Number: +49 (0)30 2 59 3 79 30
Website: http://tim-raue.com/en/
Guide Michelin: 2 stars
What I paid:  70€ (3-course lunch menu including water, a glass of wine and coffee)
Visited: September 10, 2016

Tim Raue is a restaurant with Southeast Asian influences, even though Mr Raue himself (the owner and chef) has spent his entire career in Berlin. Contrasting flavors and textures like mild and sharp, sweet and savory are combined in, for my, very compelling ways.

Painting from the bathroom

Painting from the bathroom

Time Raue is one of several chefs in Berlin with Turkish origin that are inspired by Asian cuisine. Tim has written an autobiography (“Ich weiß, was Hunger ist”) were he describes his zigzagging road to his current position as a chef and owner of 2-star Guide Michelin restaurant on one of the most famous location in Berlin (i.e. close to Checkpoint Charlie). Born and raised in Berlin Kreuzberg, Tim was a troubled teenager and a member of the infamous “36 Boys” gang. He was at one point recommended to change direction in life and was advised to choose between being either a cook, painter or gardener…

Even though the bigger 8 course menu is available for lunch, neither of us was that particularly hungry (and did also not want to spend numerous hours inside a restaurant during daytime). The lunch menu is offered as:

3 course menu 48 €
4 course menu 58 €
5 course menu 68 €
6 course menu 78 €

We opted for the 3 course lunch menu and, as suggested by the the waiter, let them decide what three courses to choose (i.e. they said that they would offer us dishes that were significant for the Tim Raue restaurant).



Amusement #1 – tomato

This little tomato nibble was gorgeous.

Amusement #2

Amusement #2

Amusement #3

Amusement #3

Amusement #4 - Spice Cashew nuts

Amusement #4 – Spice Cashew nuts

Spicy cashew nuts flavored with red Thai curry and Japanese mustard (and probably some more ingredients…).

Gilthead sashimi, celtuce & apple:

Gilthead sashimi, celtuce & apple

Gilthead sashimi, celtuce & apple

This sashimi dish was a dish all of us really liked.

Suckling pig, dashi & Japanese mustard:

Suckling pig, dashi & Japanese mustard

Suckling pig, dashi & Japanese mustard

Our main dish this lunch was suckling pig combined with Asian flavors. Good!

Quince, macadamia nougat & passion fruit:

Passion fruit, macadamia nougat & quince

Passion fruit, macadamia nougat & quince

The macadamia nougat (in the middle of the above pic) was especially tasty!

Petit four:

Petit four and cofee

Petit four and coffee

Coffee and a tasty refresher finalized this lunch.  


I was initially skeptical if a three course menu should be enough, though I always opt for the largest menu alternative. However, as for lunch, and in combinations with some initial amusements and a refresher (petit four), it was perfect, and all of us were really happy with both the food, service and relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. Tim Raue is definitely a restaurant I would like to return to for an “all in” dinner. This though I really enjoyed the flavors and combinations served here, and I would like to explore more of that on a lengthier menu. Highly recommended!

Painting from the bathroom

Painting from the bathroom

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