The Harwood Arms (*)

Food: British cuisine
Address: Walham Grove, London, SW6 1QP, United Kingdom
Phone Number: +44 (0)20 7386 1847
Guide Michelin: 1 star
What I paid:  £57 (three-course menu and one beer)
Visited: November 12, 2015

When planning our London trip, we dropped The Ledbury from the list and that for mainly two reasons: 1) we wanted to have more variations in regards to the other restaurants booked 2) for economic constraints (our list of restaurants and bars to visit was long…). I think The Harwood Arms address both those issues and it is furthermore part-owned by the chef/patron Brett Graham of The Ledbury (who is acting as a director of the Harwood).

The Harwood is pub or “gastropub” and currently the only such in London with a star in Guide Michelin. British produce with an emphasis on game and wild food is served here.

The pub was built already around 1840 but its history, in its current constellation, starts in 2008 with the collaboration of Brett Graham (The Ledbury), Mike Robinson (The Pot Kiln), and Edwin Vaux (The Vaux Brewery).  The Harwood is located in the back streets of Fulham.

The Harwood offer a set-priced menu for lunch and dinner, priced at £33.50 for two course and £39.50 for three courses. From Tuesday to Friday at Lunchtime, the pub also offer a daily starter, main course and dessert from their blackboard, priced at two courses for £20.00 and three courses for £25.00.

We opted for the tree-course menu (at £39.50) were you could chose one starter, one main and one dessert from a menu containing roughly three to four options in respectively category.

Since I had a pigeon at the Gordon Ramsey Restaurant earlier at lunch which I was not that happy about, I decided to opt for the starter at Harwood that also contained this. The pigeon was in the shape of meat balls and unfortunately pretty dull (no picture).

For the main I opted for the today’s special (for an extra £5) which was pheasant. It was nothing more than okay.



For dessert I had a baked custard tart with rosemary and buttermilk, which I think was good (no picture).

Summary: Harwood Arms is a nice and “relaxed” pub/restaurant with friendly service. I cannot really agree with the many guests/reviewers describing this as a “fine dining” restaurant, then I would categorize this pub (or gastropub…) as having just good pub food. Nothing wrong with that, but I honestly do not understand that they have a star in Guide Michelin.

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