Flocons de Sel (***)

Food: creative
Address: 1775 route du Leutaz – 74120 Megève – France
Phone Number: +33(0) 4 50 21 49 99
Website: http://www.floconsdesel.com/
Guide Michelin: 3 stars
What I paid: 505 € (lunch menu for three persons including water and wine)
Visited: March 10, 2013

Flocons de Sel

France only 3-star Guide Michelin addition in the 2012 guide was Emmanuel Renaut’s restaurant Flocons de Sel in Haute Savoi in the French Alps (in the mountains surrounding the village of Megève). Renaut has trained in some of the best kitchens in Europe before opening his own restaurant (1996) in the center of Megève were he gained his first star in 2001 and a second one in 2006. The restaurant moved from the center 2010 to a chalet just outside the village of Megève in beautiful surroundings that also houses a charming luxurious hotel with spa. Renaut still owns the place in the center of Mégève were he runs a more traditional restaurant named Flocons Village (Bid Gourmand).

Personally I started my ski-trip with a lunch at Flocons de Sel a couple of hours after my arrival at Geneva Airport. My initial plan was to have their “big” tasting menu but since my flight was delayed, and as a consequence of this also my arrival to the restaurant, I could not order that menu. That said, we went for the lunch menu instead, called ’La Promenade’ (only served at lunch for 85 €).

  • Amuse bouches:Flocons de Sel - 1 - Amusements
  • Bread and butter:Flocons de Sel - 2 - Bread
  • Dried mushroom powder:Flocons de Sel - 3 - Dried Mushroom Powder
  • Finely sliced Jerusalem artichoke, truffle and a lightly buttered sauce perfumed with cloves (my personal favourite for this serving):Flocons de Sel - 4 - Artichoke
  • Parsnip gnocchi, red cabbage, horseradish root bouillon and summer beaufort:Flocons de Sel - 5 - Red cabbage
  • I don’t remember the content of this dish…:Flocons de Sel - 6 -
  • Lake Geneva fish with meringue discs and some Matcha green tea powder:Flocons de Sel - 7b - Fish from Lake Geneva
  • Pike and monkfish from Lake Geneva, crunchy biscuit, onions jus:Flocons de Sel - 8 - Lake monkfish and pike
  • Roasted pigeon slightly smoked with conifer, celery and hazelnut:Flocons de Sel - 9b - Roasted pigeon
  • A selection of regional gourmet mountain cheeses:Flocons de Sel - 10 - Mountain cheeses
  • Dessert (you could chose one of three alternatives):Flocons de Sel - 11 - Dessert alt 1
  • Petit foursFlocons de Sel - 12 - Petit Fours
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