La Ciboulette – Annecy/France (*)

Food: seasonal classic french cuisine with a twist
Address: Cour du Pré Carré – 10, Rue Vaugelas – 74000 Annecy – France
Phone Number: +34 (0)4 50457457
Guide Michelin: 1 star
What I paid: 307 € (For three persons including water and wine)
Visited: March 16, 2013

Most of the time when I am out travelling I try to visit what I consider the most “interesting” restaurants (“interesting” is of course a highly subjective term). On my last trip I had already visited two “interesting” restaurants and as I had to catch a flight from Geneva I decided to try a more classical French restaurant in a little bit lower price segment but still with high quality food. So I decided to spend the last night in Annecy (pretty close to the Geneva Airport) and chose to visit the one-star Guide Michelin Restaurant La Ciboulette (in the city center of Annecy).

We chose something called ”Menu DELICACY” which have two options:

  1. A choice of on starter, a main course of fish or meat, cheese and dessert (52 €)
  2. Two starters, a main course of fish or meat, cheese and dessert (65 €)

We opted for the two starter alternative. The menus are determined on a day-to-day basis with two alternatives for both the starters, main and desserts. The two starter alternative consequently do not need any choosing (i.e. both starters included).

Apart from the dishes showed below (from the menu) we were also served some amusements (e.g. a fish soap) together with the ordered aperitif (no pictures).

First starter was a pretty classical french dish based on Foie Gras:

1 - La Ciboulette - Foie Gras

Second/last starter were based on asparagus, scallops and some sea food:

2 - La Ciboulette - scallops asparagus

The two alternatives for the main dish were either a beef or a fish dish. I chose the beef, which were served together with French fries and a variant of a béarnaise sauce:

3 - La Ciboulette - main

After the main dish, the “mandatory” cheese were served were you could choose from a wide variety of cheeses:

4 - La Ciboulette - cheese

Of the two available desserts I selected one based on Granny Smith apples:

5 - La Ciboulette - dessert

We were also served some petit fours (no picture) after the dessert to the coffee/tea (even though we did not order any coffee/tea…).

I can also once again establish that Guide Michelin use different yardsticks in different regions around the world. I know quite a lot of restaurants, in for instance Scandinavia (e.g. Denmark and Sweden), that I consider easily have the same level as this restaurant but those establishments do not have one single star in Guide Michelin. That said, La Ciboulette is definitely a good restaurant and if I should continue the comparison with the Nordic region, this restaurant is easily better priced than those Scandinavian ones in the same segment.

To summarize: refined seasonal classic french cuisine with a twist. Good value for the money in regards to the food but I think the wines by the bottles were a little bit marked-up.

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