Casa Marcelo Restaurant – Santiago de Compostela (*)

Food: Modern with focus on fish- and seafood
Address: Hortas 1 – 15705 Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Open: Tuesday to Saturday
Phone Number: +34 981 558 58
Guide Michelin: 1 star
What I paid: €100 (per person including water, wine and coffee)
Visited: July 17, 2012

Santiago de Compostela was naturally a given stop on our Green Spain Tour. Here we ate at the only Guide Michelin starred restaurant in the town, named Casa Marcelo.

Casa Marcelo is a restaurant with an open-view kitchen and we were sitting just next to the opening/kitchen and therefore had a good view of it. I was strike by the quiet work in the kitchen; no Gordon Ramsey here…

We went for the large tasting menu and our first dish was Manzanilla olives, anchovies of L’Escala

Next dish was Celeiro hake salad Lañada

Next we had Zucchini “The House of Crows”

Next we had one of the high-lights of the meal, namely wonderfully Marinated Sardines of the Day, Grilled and Smoked

Next we were served Fritto-Misto Vegetable and Squid (Calamares)

Then we had “Bonito Asado, Membrillo de Tomate y Pimientos de Padrón” and I vaguely understand that it, according to the Spanish name, contained some roasted “stuff”, tomato and spicy peppers. However, what I remember from the dish is that it contained tuna (but I do not understand if the Spanish name of the dish includes tuna?)

We were now all pretty full so when the next dish and the first meat showed up (which also were a pretty big dish) we actually had a little problem finishing it (it was definitely good but, as mentioned, we were already satisfied). Jarrete Estofado de Porco Landrán

After the pork we had a refreshing and tasty first dessert consisting of Watermelon, Red Roses and Fruit

We were now really satisfied so when we got the final Tarta de Santiago to the coffee we actually had some real problems finishing it (for the second time this meal…).

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