Al Sorriso (**)

Cuisine: Classic with high focus on excellent ingredients
Chef: Luisa Valazza
Address: Via Roma 18, 28010 Soriso, Italy (Google Maps)
Phone Number:
 +39 0322 983228
Guide Michelin: 3 stars
What I paid: 735€ (three persons, Tasting Menu with wine)
Visited: February 26, 2011

This was our fourth and final Guide Michelin Restaurant on our ski trip (performed in late February 2011). Without question the very best one. Actually one of the best Restaurants whatever yardstick you use (at least from a pure food experience).

Close to Lago d’Orta in the picturesque village Soriso at the foot of the Alps houses this excellent Restaurant. It is a family business, were the self-taught chef Luisa Marelli runs the culinary part of the business in the 3-star kitchen. She describes her style as “a combination of Piedmont, Mediterranean and international influences, brought together as a tribute to the mountains where I love to walk”. Husband Angelo with a background in high-level international restaurant management runs much of the “ground service” including a small little cozy Hotel located together with the Restaurant (we stayed one night here).

We went for the Tasting Menu together with a superb 2004 Gaja Barbaresco as or main wine. As mentioned above, this is a very good restaurant. That said, if you are looking for a very modern extravagant restaurant, this is not the place. But if you (as I suppos is why you foremost go to a restaurant…) are looking for the very best ingredients cooked to perfection in a restaurant I, with my preferences (who have visited many of those “modern” restaurants), consider is in the top league, this is for you.

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