Adler – Gothenburg (Sweden)

Food: Nordic
Address: Vasa Viktoriagatan 2B, 411 25 Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone Number: +46 (0)31 318 60 90
What I paid: 70 € (6-course menu) + 200 € (some really good wine)
Visited: December 1, 2017

Adler is two floors of Nordic cuisine in the Vasastan neighborhood of Gothenburg. It has, as of writing (i.e. December 2017), just been open for about six months.


Here you enjoy Swedish and Nordic flavors in different forms. The top floor has a lounge- and cocktail bar together with a dining room. The ground floor serves Swedish tapas.

Therefore, you can pass by for just a good drink in the bar or, some tapas or, as we did, a 6-course tasting menu. Or anything between…

Personally, I started by ordering a drink, though my friend was late. Adler is serving both classical- and their own signature- drinks. I opted for one of the latter, namely one named “GIN SLAP”, consisting of Hernö Gin, birch spirit, fresh lemon juice, spruce syrup, Elderflower tonic and egg white. Tasty!


GIN SLAP from the cocktail bar

Restaurant Adler is situated in a beautiful stone house, designed by the architect Bror Adler, hence the name of the restaurant.

Adler do also have a good wine list, where you can find some interesting wines and this without breaking the bank (at least if you do a little bit of “research”).

We opted for the 6-course set menu and this is what we had:



Pork Belly amusement

This amusement, consisting of pork belly and a cream, was a very good start of the dinner.




Seared scallop with roasted cauli ower, sande ord-sauce on white sh roe, smoaked and grated roe sack




King Crab baked in butter with roasted pistachio, salsify, malt and browned butter. King crab is very trendy now and I understand why, though it is very good!




Zucchini in two ways with deep fried goat cheese and dill. One of very few things, this evening, that I did not fully enjoyed (but still okay).




Moose topside with autumn cabbage, fermented garlic cream and grated fresh truffle. This was a very good and tasty dish. I could have licked the plate just for the fermented garlic cream.





Jam for the cheese

Selected cheese and jam. Not many, but very good!




I nice refresher, consisting of granny smith apples and herbs. Very good and interesting combination of flavours.




Pickled pumpkin ice cream with sour cream, dried pumpkin and fennel owers. Even though enjoyed this pumpkin dessert, this was one of the weaker dishes in the evening.


The 6-course menu (with some bonus dishes) are priced at 70 €, which I think is a good price, given what we had. They also offer a wine pairing for this menu, priced at 59 €.

We did not opt for the wine pairing, but did instead start with a lovely 2013 Lucien Le Moine La Piece Sous le Bois, Meursault Premier Cru. This was the best Meursult I have had, despite the 2013 vintage, where few domaines had optimally ripe Chardonnay grapes, so the styles vary from lean wines (when grapes were early picked) to more richer wines.

For the meat (i.e. moose), my friend chose a 2012 Poggio Teo Valiano Chianti Classico from the Gestioni Piccini producer (though I chose the Meursault). This was actually the red wine chosen for the last Nobel Banquet.

In summary: I really enjoyed my dinner at Adler. The restaurant is easy to book and deserves more customers (even though the restaurant was pretty crowdy, but it was at the same time a Friday evening we visited the restaurant). I also appreciated the wine list with some very interesting wines. Recommended!


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