Cervejaria Ramiro – Lisbon

Food: seafood
Address: Avenida Almirante Reis 1, H 1150-007, Lisboa
Phone Number: +351 21 885 10 24
Website: www.cervejariaramiro.pt
What I paid: 45 € (three servings of seafood and a beer).
Visited: June 22, 2017

Ramiro (or Cervejaria Ramiro as its full name is), is one of the most famous, if not the most famous seafood restaurant in Lisbon (and also Portugal, for that matter).

Some may think that “cervejaria” is a place for having foremost beers (resulting from the word “cerveja”, the Portuguese name for a beer). However, Cervejaria Ramiro is a seafood place, serving almost only shellfish (I was told by the waiter that they do not serve fish; only shellfish). Almost… though they also serve some good steaks, but I think 99.9 % of the people going here, are doing it for the seafood (even though many locals, after having finished their seafood, order a steak sandwich for “dessert”).

That being said, Cervejaria Ramiro actually started its operation as a beer house (in 1956, by Ramiro´s father). Gradually seafood was introduced and today it is very famous for its first-rate raw materials. Portuguese loves the combo of seafood and beers (but you can of course, also opt for wine if you like).

As mentioned; famous, and indeed a very busy restaurant with tons of tourists! When you arrive, you will most certainly be met by a long que. Take your que ticket, from a desk placed on the outside of the restaurant, and wait for your slot outside the restaurant. Do not be too afraid of the line; the quick service results in a high rotation. However, you should expect a waiting time, somewhere between 20 to 60 minutes, and sometimes longer (depending on day and time of arrival).


Not the fanciest neighborhood in Lisbon, even though a lot is progressing in the area lately. However, since this is a tourist place in some way (but also with a lot of locals), go all the way and take tram 28 (the most famous tram line in Lisbon and packed by tourists) which makes a stop on the same street as Ramiro is located.

Inside, the waiters work frenetically. We are quickly assigned a table and soon thereafter a menu. Quite soon afterwards, our orders were taken.

We ordered the following seafood:


Clams for starter

Spider Crab:

Spider Crab as main

Giant Tiger Prawns:

Giant Tiger Prawns as “bonus dish”

Giant Tiger Prawns


Summary: Even though this place is crowded by tourists, it is also frequented by locals, and that is for a good reason; Ramiro serves excellent seafood! Touristic, but not a tourist trap.

This is not a place for a candle light dinner. Instead, it is loud and intense. However, if you want first-class seafood, I can warmly recommend Ramiro!


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