Fiskekrogen – Gothenburg (Sweden)

Food: fish- and seafood
Address: Lilla Torget 1, 411 18 Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone Number: +46 (0)31 10 10 05
What I paid: 125 € (tasting menu per person including wine, water and cheese)
Visited: May 2, 2014

Gothenburg, located on the Swedish West Coast, is the main hub for Fish- and Seafood in Sweden.  The city is also home to the biggest fish auction in the country (e.g. almost all fish sold in the Stockholm restaurants are bought on this auction) and virtually all fish coming from Norway is sold here.

Restaurant Fiskekrogen translates to the “Fish tavern” but it’s a pretty formal restaurant rather than a tavern. As the name indicates it’s a place specializing in Fish- and Seafood and its motto is “the best the sea has to offer”.

The historic property where Fiskekrogen is located dates back to the middle of the 17th century. The place has been a restaurant since 1929 and has had the name Fiskekrogen since 1972.

All those facts and the restaurants location close to the water in central Gothenburg sets high expectations for a person in love with Fish- and Seafood.

I decided (as usual…) to go with the tasting menu (a 645 SEK/72€):

Amusement and bread:

Home churn butter, bread and lobster soap

Home churn butter, bread and lobster soup

Smoked and cured salmon:

Served with dill pancake, nettles and sour cream

Smoked and cured salmon. Served with dill pancake, nettles and sour cream

Poached lemon sole:
Served with cured asparagus, hazelnuts, baked quail egg and browned lemon butter

Poached lemon sole

Poached lemon sole

Grilled fillet of turbot:
Served with lamb, mushrooms, beans, burned onion and lamb jus

Grilled fillet of turbot

Grilled fillet of turbot

Served with milk foam, strawberry sorbet, almond cake and merengue

Rhubarb dessert

Rhubarb dessert

Cheese plate:
For the cheese fan, you could add a selection of cheeses a 75 SEK (i.e. not included in the tasting menu).

Cheese plate

Cheese plate

To summarize: I must admit that I, prior to the dinner, had my concerns about this restaurant. I was honestly also trying to get a booking for some other restaurants this evening, but without luck, so maybe I had a biased opinion about this restaurant… However, I think my anxiety was not justified though I enjoyed this dinner and this was also true for my friends joining this meal. The plating and also the setting were nice but the service was slow and inattentive. Good but not the best I had in the Fish- and Seafood segment, not even in Sweden. That said, I definitely think it is worth a visit, even though there are a couple of better restaurant alternatives in Gothenburg, but Fiskekrogen is a classic fish and shellfish restaurant serving good food.

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