Alkimia (*)

Cuisine: creative
Chef: Jordi Vilà
Address: C/ Indústria 79, 08025 Barcelona, Spain (Google Maps)
Phone Number:
 +34 93 207 61 15
Guide Michelin: 1 star
Visited: May 13, 2011

The cuisine is focused around two tasting menus, one innovative in style (“Alkimia Menu”), the other more traditional (“Contemporary Traditions Menu”). On lunch there is also a smaller lunch menu (“Midday Menu”).

Since we visited both Hofmann for lunch and El Celler de Can Roca for dinner the day before and had a booking on Lasarte for dinner the same day and (obviously) we were there at lunch time we had the lunch menu in mind. However, the staff convinced us, since this was our first visit to the restaurant, to go for one of the tasting menus. We didn´t thought we could go for the bigger one (due to the dinner later on) so we opted for the traditional menu.

We all enjoyed the food and I will definitely one day go back for the “Alkimia Menu”.

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