Antinè (*)

Cuisine: Piedmontese
Chef: Andrea Marino
Address: Via Torino 16, 12050 Barbaresco, Italy (Google Maps)
Phone Number:
 +39 0173635294
Guide Michelin: 1 star
What I paid: €270 (Dinner for three persons, a la carte, with one inexpensive bottle of wine)
Visited: February 21, 2011

This was our second Guide Michelin Restaurant on our ski trip (but not the last one…). Due to “less good” conditions up in the Piemonte Alps we went to the Piemonte wine regions Barolo and Barbaresco instead. After spending some hours in Barolo with a wonderful wine tasting on Paolo Scavino Wine Yard as the highlight, we went on to Barbaresco and Restaurant Antinè.

Since this was during winter time, it was very peacefully and this was also reflected when we had our dinner in the Restaurant, were we to start with were the only ones in the Restaurant. Later on, one other couple showed up, but that was about it. It actually felt a little bit strange to sit in an almost empty restaurant and this definitely affects once opinion of the overall experience (even when you are among good friends).

Antinè serves typical specialties from the Langhe region with good ingredients. We went a la carte with one starter, one main and one dessert.

Barbaresco is of course tons of more fun to visit during the high season which I also think is true for Restaurant Antinè, but then you could probably not get a table with a short notice as we did…

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